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We treat patients for various specialist needs, such as general surgery, plastic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery (gastro-surgery), vascular and thorax surgery, musculoskeletal surgery (orthopaedics) and urinary tract surgery (urology). In addition, we have consulting surgeons in Vaasa from other specialties (neurosurgeon, hand surgeon, foot surgeon, back surgeon and plastic surgeon). We also have several specialist doctors.

The outpatient clinic in Vaasa also employs wound healers, urotherapists, sexual counsellors, an anaesthesiologist and a plaster technician.

Patients come by referral from a health centre, occupational health care, private practice, another hospital / care facility / ward or outpatient clinic. We do various examinations and procedures and, if necessary, put patients in the surgery queue.

The surgical outpatient clinic performs operations in Vaasa and Pietarsaari and we are open on weekdays from 08:00–15:00.

Vaasa Central Hospital. The surgical outpatient clinic in Vaasa is located on the first and second floor of the H-building.

Hietalahdenkatu 2–4, 65100 Vaasa

Vaasa Central Hospital, referral and appointment inquiries (secretary): Tel. 06 213 1522. Telephone hours Mon-Thu 08:00–11:00 and Fri 09:00–11:00.

Pietarsaari Hospital, Entrance H. The surgical outpatient clinic in Pietarsaari is located on the 3rd floor of the H building belonging to the social services and healthcare centre. Registration takes place at the Info window on the 1st floor (H1).

Kolpintie 7 / Pohjanlahdentie 1, 68600 Pietarsaari

Pietarsaari Hospital, referral and appointment inquiries (secretary): 06 786 1972. Telephone hours on Mondays from 09:30–10:15, on Wednesdays from 9:30–10:15, and on Fridays from 09:30–10:15

Please contact the nurse for matters relating to treatment.