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You can contact family counselling if you need help with parenthood or family relationships, if you have questions concerning your relationship, or if you’re worried about your child’s behaviour and wellbeing. The Family Counselling Centre also offers support in the event of separation.

When Can You Contact Family Counselling?

When you want help with family relationships.

When you’re worried about your child’s development.

When you’re worried about your child’s behaviour or emotional state, e.g. fears, depression, anger.

When puberty-related issues become difficult to manage in the family.

When you need support in your parental role.

When there are problems in your relationship.

When you’re considering divorce or separation.

Description of the Service

The Family Counselling Centre’s activities include therapy and counselling for families, couples, and individuals. The centre also performs examinations and psychological assessments of children and youth. In addition, the centre offers mediation talks before and after a potential separation decision.

The service is confidential and free of charge.

Contact Information

Parents may seek family counselling on their own initiative. They can contact the Family Counselling Centre via telephone and book an appointment. Social workers can also refer clients to family counselling.

Address: Socialcentralen, Vörågatan 46, 5 vån, 65101 Vasa 

Phone time monday, wednesday – friday at 10-12 am phone 06 218 1416

Johanna Levälahti, social worker-in-charge. Phone  040 188 4554 

Mari Ojajärvi, Phone  040 144 8355 

Anna-Lotta Högbacka, Phone 040 183 1402 

Tuuli-Kaisa Peltola, Phone  040 513 6018 

Carita Frants, social worker, Phone  040 194 5637 

Sara Södö, social worker. Phone  040 186 2721 

Sarah Storm, social worker. Phone  040 355 3484 

Social instructor. Phone  040 539 0245 

Address: Korsholms Kommun, familje- och individomsorgen 
Centrumvägen 4, Smedsby 

Phone time: Tuesday at 8-9 am and thursday at 12-13 

Birgit Häger-Nylund 
Phone 06 327 7230 

Benita Östergård 
Phone 06 327 7200 

Social worker Maria Norrgård, monday, tuesday and thursday, phone. 06 327 7225