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Rehabilitative work is based on an activation plan that is drawn up together by the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office), social welfare services, and the client.

Comprehensive services shall be prepared for the client and detailed in the activation plan. The planning work takes into consideration the client’s individual situation, which also determines the range of services that are offered to him or her.

The purpose of rehabilitative work activities is:

● to counteract the negative consequences of unemployment for the client’s functional ability

● to strengthen the client’s life and everyday competence as well as his or her working and functional ability

● to counteract social exclusion by offering an opportunity to participate in work activities and other services

Rehabilitative work activities are organized for long-term unemployed persons who receive labour market subsidy or social assistance and who cannot participate in the primary services provided by the TE Office due to their working and functional ability.

Rehabilitative work is based on the client’s individual needs, part-time or full-time 1–4 days per week for the duration of 3–24 months. The activities strive to be goal-oriented in order to improve the client’s life management skills and functional ability so that the client may be employed, apply for education, or participate in the TE Office’s employment-promoting services.

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