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  • Supports parenthood and families as well as promotes a child’s individual growth, positive development, and participation.
  • Supports families with children regarding issues with life management skills and child maintenance, promotes integration, and reduces inequality.
  • Tackles and reduces damages caused by substance abuse problems and other mental health problems, and promotes the functional ability and security of families.
  • Protects the right to a secure growth environment for children who require special support, and even protects the balanced and well-rounded development of these children (child welfare services).

Contact Information

Virpi Hagström, social worker-in-charge, phone 040 624 1185

Illanvuori Jonna, social worker, phone 0405561940  

Kivelä Jonna, social worker, phone  0406614267  

Kalliokoski Salme, social worker, phone 0408223659  

Alho Sanna, social worker, phone 0401835867  

Björni Päivi, social worker, phone 0400299768  

Erholtz Johanna, social worker, phone 0405444311  

Kannisto Taina, social worker, phone 0406591922  

Tastula Sarika, social worker, phone 0401533839  

Sillanpää Riitta-Leena, social instructor, phone 040 5782 187

Children, youth, and adults can have their service needs identified and be offered support according to their needs by contacting a social worker.


Chef för barn- och familjesocialarbete

Chief of child and family social work

Anette Hakala, tel. 040 744 1227

Administrative chef (child, family)

Elli-Noora Kapiala, tel. 040 6871694

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