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Target group for fourth coronavirus vaccination expanding

The target groups for the fourth coronavirus vaccination will expand in Ostrobothnia in accordance with national recommendations. Starting this week, the fourth dose will also be offered to those aged 70-79 in risk groups. It is recommended that a fourth dose be given at least three months after the third dose.

“Booster vaccinations provide good protection against severe coronavirus infections. Therefore, we strongly recommend that people in risk groups, who are now in the vaccination queue, take the fourth dose,”

says Chief Physician Peter Nieminen.

A list of those in risk groups can be found on the THL website. The fourth dose of the vaccine is currently offered to everyone over the age of 80, those living in care homes for seniors, those in home care or family care for seniors, care givers and those who are severely immunocompromised over the age of 12. A person who has already had the coronavirus and received three vaccinations does not need to take a fourth dose at this time.

Appointments for vaccinations are made by telephone or through the electronic reservation system. Booking instructions can be found here.