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A pregnant woman usually enters the ward through a maternity outpatient clinic or delivery room. Situations requiring ward care may include diseases of the expectant mother, high blood pressure and premature contractions. The treatment is planned individually together with the doctor and the midwife. The doctor visits the ward daily.

To the ward A4 you will come from the delivery room about 2-3 hours after delivery or from the operation room after a caesarean section. The treatment period after delivery is 1-3 days. Our goal is to support and strengthen the relationship between mother, child and the whole family. We will guide you in baby care and breastfeeding so that you feel safe in your new life situation when you return home with your baby. We are a babyfriendly hospital and operate in accordance with our babyfriendly hospital program. Our goal is to encourage 6 months of full breastfeeding.

The practice of family room at the maternity ward

Always when the situation at the ward allows it we try to offer a family room to every new family. We do not have specific family rooms. Instead we use normal two-person rooms for the cause. Family rooms are meant for those families where the partner/support person has the possibility to stay both day and night at the ward and during that time be an active support in taking care of the baby. 

The daily cost for a mother who is in a family room is the same as for one in a normal patient room, which is 49,60 €/day. However the cost of 30 €/day for the partner/support person comes as an addition to the mothers fee. This cost includes all meals of the day for the partner/support person.

Visiting hours for the partner or support person as well as the baby´s siblings is from 10am to 9pm.

As a gynecological patient, you come to us, for example, as agreed for surgery or through an emergency room. The ward treats gynecological surgery and procedures, early pregnancy problems and abortions, as well as gynecological emergency patients when the gynecology outpatient clinic is closed.

Visiting hours for gynecological patients is 2-3 pm and 6-7pm every day.

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